Dominion Graphics

Dominion Graphics has largely observed a “cottage industry” model of business, through which we can serve the needs of a Main Street “Mom n’ Pop” venture and their local needs, or Corporate Entities, poised with more diversified strategies. Dominion Graphics is resilient, with a capability of working for numerous industries, and every level of this industries including: Food/Beverage/Hospitality, Sports/Leisure, Real Estate, Tourism, Health/Beauty, and Fashion.

We operate in Brand Identity Development, and Brand Recognition, with regard to Logo Development and design. Dominion Graphics utilizes strategic methods of Branding, across many disciplines, including viral marketing, Social Media Marketing, Social Media “Reach,” and Guerilla Marketing. Our design solutions help to solidify Brands, through distinct targeted approaches.

Dominion Graphics has continually offered services in numerous arenas, including:

• Logo and Brand Establishment

• Design, Marketing and Viral/Guerilla Marketing

• Website Design

• Print and Production

• Textile Design, especially with regard to T Shirts, embroidery

• Signage: Including Vinyl and other substrates, as-well-as digital signage, and digital content management.

• Promotional Product Conceptualization

• Creative Consultation, to append ideas

• Video and Motion Graphic Production and Editing

• Photography across many areas;
• food, beverage and catering.
• live entertainment events.
• Corporate/Human Resources internal and external and Public Relations
• Technical, Asset Management, Risk Assessment and Reference Photography
• Portraits, to accommodate for numerous agenda’s and initiatives
• Artistic/Conceptual Photography

• Interior and Exterior Design Consultation – including decor/aesthetics, property accessibility, and ergonomics.

• Consultation in identifying Niche Markets, and potentially overlooked markets.

• Troubleshooting market hurdles, including how to deal with competition, and identifying strengths and weaknesses within the market climate, and how to strategically leverage competition.

• Creative Consultation on developing Advertising Campaigns, as well as Promotional Campaigns, to incentivize reach, awareness, and profits.

Dominion Leather Outriggers

First established in 2000, Dominion Leather originally operated in “leather craft,” or “Leather Smithing” as it has been referred to in older times. The name for Dominion Graphics actually has it’s origins from Dominion Leather. The original namesake of Dominion Leather hails back to our work within distinct markets, with regard to “Leather Fashion,” and certain distinctions within that market niche.

Dominion Leather has since gone on to expand on the scope of their fabrications, and put more emphasis on tactical, practical, “every day carry” solutions for nearly every object imaginable. Dominion Leather specializes in custom fabrication for things such as:

• Custom Carry cases, for personal effects

• Custom weapons carries, such as Concealed Carry Holsters, tactical knife sheathes and scabbards, and gear catering to ease of use, personal security

• Custom wallets, and hand bags

• Custom Dog Harnesses and Collars

• Custom Belts

• Custom tool carries, and protective gear, both for the wearer, or the wearer’s personal effects

• Custom fashion-wear, that is BOTH functional and fashionable for the user

• Custom cellphone cases, that rival many plastic counterparts

• Custom conceptual pieces, such as masks, artistic designs, and theatrical pieces

• Custom retrofit, or repair of existing leather gear, including belts, Buscadero belts that no longer fit the user, etc.

The key word with regard to Dominion Leather is “CUSTOM.” What we do is on a person-to-person, case-by-case basis. We analyze, scrutinize, and propose solutions to those needs. All pieces are hand crafted, and custom fit – either through measurements, or fitting the piece to the user or wearer’s size, build, etc.